Online Giving!
Left your check book at home again? No worries! 

How do I make a donation?

To make an online offering, simply enter in your amount in the box above and click "Go." You will be redirected to another web page to ask more details about your gift and your payment options. In order to access your donor information, simply click "View Donor Portal." 

Debit or Checking?
For every gift you give with a debit card, there is a processing fee of 3% and 30 cents (for example, if you give $100.00, it will take away $3.30). However, if you give directly from your checking account (click E-check), the processing fee is only 0.75% and 30 cents (for example, if you give $100.00, it will take away $1.05). We encourage members to pull from your checking as Edgewood is responsible for those processing fees. 

How do I cover the processing fee?
If you would rather cover the processing fee yourself so that the church receives your full intended donation, simply check the box titled, "Add 3% to help cover processing fee," at the bottom before submitting.

What is the difference: One time gift vs. Recurring Gift?
At the top of the giving portal it allows you an option to set up a recurring gift. By checking that box, your gift will be pulled on a regular basis depending on what you chose (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly). If you want to make a one time donation, simply leave the box unchecked.

Where's My Receipt?
Once you donate, you can expect an email from Easy-tithe containing your receipt.

Thank You!
We appreciate your generosity! If you have any questions or concerns about online giving, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Kroger Community Rewards

For everyone that signs up for the Kroger community rewards program and selects
Christian Church as the organization they wish to support, a percentage of
their Kroger Plus 
purchase will be donated to ECC. If you enrolled last year please be
sure to re-enroll
 again this year, your enrollment will need to be renewed each year.
Click on the link below.

Kroger Community Rewards